About us

Qunuby is a modern matchmaking service that helps African singles who are ready for marriage find potential partners. We believe whether you are living at home, in Africa, or abroad, you deserve a lasting love. When joining the Qunuby community, you can be assured of two things: we value the rich and varied traditions of African culture. Your potential matches have prioritized relationship development and are ready for commitment.

Our research showed that the online dating platforms does not cater to the unique needs and preferences of the African relationship seekers. Only 2% of African respondents stated that they had a good experience while 98% did not meet anyone seeking a serious relationship.

This is where Qunuby fulfills a heavily underserved market. We create a matchmaking experience that considers culture, relationship maturity and personal preference to get our clients the love they deserve.

Through coaching and cultural consideration, we hope that Qunuby is your last stop on the journey to a lifetime of love.

Meet The Team


Funmi Alabi-Momodu

CEO & Founder

Funmi is fascinated by the secret to Love and Marriage, inspired by her personal experience and passion for playing matchmaker to her friends, she is on a mission to provide a modern matchmaking service that considers the relationship maturity, unique desires and cultural preferences of African singles living at home and abroad.

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Nguvendan Tracy Hulugh

Matchmaker (Toronto)

Nguvendan Tracy Hulugh holds a Master’s degree in gender studies from Nigeria. She also has a graduate certificate in mental health intervention from Seneca College, where she graduated with honors. She currently heads a women’s group called The Hem of His Garment (HOG), where she teaches women how to be exceptional leaders.
Nguvendan is passionate about match making and helping couples enjoy their marriage. Currently, she works at the Red Wood Women’s Shelter as a mental health counselor.


Gifted Writer & Editor

Dorcas is a creative,content writer & editor.She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism,with a concentration in electronic & print media. She believes in giving her gift in service of others,for only then is fulfillment experienced.Her happy place is when the pen hits the paper