Qunuby coaches are dedicated to helping you find yourself and accomplish your relationship goals without losing your identity or settling.

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Ruckey Peniel

Relationship Talk : US$300 One-on-One

Ruckey Peniel is a relationship/life coach with over 10 years of experience in her field.

More about Ruckey

She hosts HOPE NOW Conferences and HOPE NOW with Ruckey Peniel TV programme, which is the platform she uses for direct intervention of the issues facing relationships in our time. Ruckey, an avid conference speaker, certified counselor and relationship/life coach, is an ardent lover of nature who loves to meet new people, read, swim with her kids in a paddling pool (a bit trepid about venturing into the deeper end) and travel. She studied Law in Nigeria and has an LLM International Law from City, University of London. Ruckey also has Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management and Organizational Behavior from the UK. She gained valuable experience working for law firms in Nigeria, Germany and Switzerland.


Kamil Olufowobi

Connectology : US$210 (Group Session) One-on-One ($500)

Kamil O. is a Connectologist. He believes that love is about making intimate connections.

More about Kamil

Connectology is the study of connections, and the global pandemic has forced everyone to realize the importance of human connections, especially love. Are you struggling with expressing and receiving love in your life? Are you looking to break the continuous cycle of loveless relationships? If you answered yes, Kamil would love to be your love connection coach. 

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Diana Eskander

Diana Eskander

Diana Eskander is an Expert Love Coach and Founder of School of Love.
More about Diana

Working with the principles of Conscious Love, she’s helped hundreds of women around the world meet their matches and access deeper layers of love in their existing relationships. She’s recently been named Top 2 Love Coach by Yahoo, selected as a TEDx speaker, featured on Global TV and is a contributor to Thrive, making her the reference for women who crave a different approach to love – one that gets them out of their heads, and into their hearts.

Omotunde Olambiwonnu

Muslim Relationships: US$150 (One-on-One)

Omotunde is zealous to assist others into self-discovery towards creating a path to growth and personal achievement has constantly been on her front burner.

More about Omotunde

Her coaching  practice is premised on guiding persons to revealing and letting go ofthose beliefs, fears and anxiety that are self limiting (without guilt or shame), which would ultimately lead to cultivate an empowering wholeness, fierce enough to forge you ahead to achieve your goals. Omotunde utilizes simple but powerful coaching skills,and many wisdom-producing life experiences to assist you in that journey of self discovery and achievement. 

Khadeejah Sulaimon

Halal Matchmaking & Coaching: CAD$250 (One-on-One)

A matchmaker with passion and a relationship coach with over 8 years of experience. Khadeejah is passionate about helping Muslims find love the halal way and derives joy in making the premarital journey easy, fun and also loves helping marriages work with her expertise and her wealth of knowledge.

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