Ismail M

I chose matchmaking because it removes the barrier of understanding where the other person is in terms of wanting a relationship and the kind of relationship they are looking for. So there is some sort of mutual alignment from the beginning.
I chose this matchmaker because I know and trust her and she also has a very good network. The process was fairly simple as I simply had a conversation with the matchmaker and she asked probing questions to truly understand what I was looking for. She connected me with the person by sharing her phone number (after discussing with her) and allowed the relationship to progress naturally from that point forward.
My only major worry with matchmaking is that being very descriptive about what you are looking for may limit your options and prevent you from meeting people you may not have necessarily considered. I will definitely recommend the service mainly due to the matchmaker and their ability to understand what you are looking for.
And to add I married the person she set me up with. So it was fantastic service!