Matchmaking Service at Qunuby or Dating Apps?

Over the past decade, online dating apps have become famous for finding relationship matches, but the †ruth is these applications are designed to find partners for dating, not marriage. Qunuby conducted a study and uncovered the sad reality that of all the Africans interviewed that had ever used a standard dating site, only 2% had a good experience. In comparison, 98% did not meet anyone seeking a serious relationship.  

You might be wondering why you don’t end up finding the right match on dating apps. Well, dating apps do not assure you long-term relationship success, nor do they know whether you are ready for a partner or not. Furthermore, they do not give you lessons or coaching to become the best partner and strive to find the best match. When looking for a partner on a dating app, people feel lonely and often select possible matches and not the best match, leading to temporary relationships rather than lifetime commitments.

The modern matchmaking approach at Qunuby Personal connection strives to make you the best version of yourself by peering you up with relationship experts who will work with you to better understand and love yourself to attract the best partner you deserve in your network or within the Qunuby’s growing single community.

At Qunuby, we do not focus on quick emotional fixes or short-term connections. Instead, we focus on building lasting personal connections that lead to successful marriages through our integration relationship grooming and matchmaking process.

All Qunuby clients are paired with a Matchmaker after registering their profile on the website. The Matchmaker is interested in learning about your background, relationship goals and preferences, including identifying coaching requirements to support you meet your marriage goals. As a Qunuby client, you have access to the profiles of other members that match your preferences and can go on virtual meetups to explore these matches. Qunuby will be there for you during the whole process to offer guidance and boost your confidence.

So if you are an African single residing anywhere around the world, we got you! Check us out on to register your profile and book a consultation with a matchmaker today.

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