Hi, my name is Ronke. I’m atypical. A lot of people will call me quiet, reserved and even shy. But at heart I know what I want and I work towards it.

Lately, I have been on an adventure to find my yang, that person that fits into me so much so that our attributes form a cohesive whole, leading to a life long commitment in solemn matrimony.

At first I tried to meet people on my own and through my direct network, but I wasn’t making much traction. I was skeptical about trying out match-making platforms, but convinced myself that if I was going to do this, I was going to go all the way.

My first few experiences were unpleasant and could have thrown me off. One of the companies was totally unprofessional, biased and ultimately fraudulent, because they could not even deliver on the most basic match-matching criteria, after charging an arm and a leg.

At this point, I thought I was done with the matchmaking industry, I was scarred especially from my last experience until Qunuby came into my life, and it was like I was born again. Finally a company that gets it and gets me. They matched me professionally based on the set criteria and I was hooked up with a decent professional man that mirrored my own standing.

We went on several dates and although things didn’t work out between us, the process worked and it was painless.

I will definitely be using Qunuby again and I am looking forward to my next match – he might just be the one.

If you are single, I would recommend using Qunuby. My matchmaker was amazing, and was fully invested in making sure I got the best experience while considering my requirements. It just wasn’t a money making business for her. I could see she really wanted the best for me.