Tosin Olapade

There is a popular saying “Event laughs at person’s foresight while reality lies unforeseen”. In life we have experienced the good, sad, and ugly momemts and so it is with building a working relationship. Having tried a few on my own, I gave referrals/match making a shot as it creates space for an accountability partner i.e. the match maker that closely follows up to know how the relationship journey is sailing. Sounds great, right? and yes, it truly was.

While there were some fears bouncing up conversation at the beginning and some cautiousness in getting to know the person and pick up topics that interested both of us, we were able pick up speed steadily and start aligning some life expectancies together even though we were thousands of kilometers apart. We were both of high spirit and were able to connect in so many areas and burn fuel, cover the distance, and meet eventually.

Even though the journey did not end in a marriage, it was an enjoyable process for both of us. We leveraged on each others core strengths and we both had good stories to tell of the journey together and are still good friends. Without any reservations at all I would like to recommend qunuby to anyone genuinely interested in starting up a home.